Fall is Here!

Can you believe it’s already October? 2019 is really flying along, but we’re not complaining! Fall brings cooler weather, and a feeling of excitement. Here’s what we are excited about the most at Organnons in October:

Squash Season

Some people LOVE it, but others, not so much. Sometimes it the preparation that keeps people from using squash. We have solution for you: Delicata Squash. Aside from the mildly sweet flavor, this squash is a weeknight go-to because you don’t have to skin it! Slice it open, scoop out the seeds and its ready to go- the skin is edible and soft.

Need some Delicata inspiration? Check out our Pinterest Board:

Building Strong Bones and Smooth Skin

Save big on Organnons Bone Broth Protein and Collagen Peptides. 20% Off until October 31st.

Better Halloween Treats

Candy is EVERYWHERE right now, but we have better choices hitting the shelves. We love UNREAL chocolate- which tastes even better than the traditional candy favorites, without the junk.


Pumpkin is showing up all over the store- in every department, and we are so glad! Pictured here are local baked goods from Sweet Victory, local candles from Libellule, Andalou Pumpkin Face Mask, and more.