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Why we Love Sourdough Bread

It’s no secret that due to diets like Atkin’s, the ketogenic diet, and the paleo diet, bread is not necessarily everyone’s best friend. But are all breads created equal? Research says NO!

Research from University Health News Daily suggests that in fact, not all types of bread are bad for you. Certain types of bread, like Sourdough, can even have many health benefits. Sourdough bread is unique in many ways. The way it is processed, prepared, and baked promotes the growth of bacteria that are found in many fermented products such as kombucha and kefir! Fermentation with lactic acids and wild yeast affects the way this bread is broken down and metabolized by the body (Clark, 2019). This low glycemic bread is a healthy option for individuals struggling with blood sugar management as it can promote lower blood sugar and insulin levels.

We are proud to be carrying NORD bread, a local bakery that specializes in sourdough culture! Be sure to try it next time you shop with us.



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