September’s GIVE: Amanda McCoy

Amanda McCoy, at the age of 21 was paralyzed from the waist down from a snowboarding accident in January 2018. She experienced a Spinal Cord Injury, and the doctors told her she would never walk again. Amanda believes that everything happens for a reason, and was ready to take on this drastic change in her life. She has been participating in many therapies to gain the function of legs back again, and is making great progress. She is very determined, and feels it’s totally possible to walk again. She has explored many different holistic healing therapies since injured, and continues do so. Amanda believes in MIND, BODY, SOUL, healing. She is constantly working her hardest to heal, while living her life to the fullest, at her young age. We spoke with Amanda to find out more about her story and what keeps her going:


“Many people with Spinal Cord Injury’s are often told they will never walk again. I was told I had a million to one chance of ever moving my legs again. And guess what? I am gaining movement back in my legs. I believe in mind, body, soul healing. The human body is an amazing vessel that has the power to heal itself. There is even scientific studies now that show how powerful our mind is.”
“I believe that healing our bodies is 100% possible. Creating a healthy environment in our bodies is so important for healing. I have been vegan for many years, and that has helped the inflammation in my body tremendously. I have always prefer holistic healing, over pharmaceutical medication. When I was in the hospital I made sure I was off all medication as soon as possible. I was off in 8 day, the doctors were amazed because I had a very traumatic injury, with a very intense spine surgery. I am always discovering and learning ways to heal naturally, it’s a true passion of mine. I believe that having this knowledge, and applying it to my situation has helped my body heal so much.”
“The most important thing when it comes to healing my body is creating healthy thought patterns. The mind is truly a very powerful tool we can use to our advantage. Where our mind goes, reality follows. This is proven science. Doing lots of introspection and self work has lead me to become aware of my thoughts rather than letting my thoughts control my reality. Over time, I began to reprogram my brain, and create new neurological pathways. By doing this old limiting belief pattern start to dissipate. This is called neuroplasticity. I became the observer of my thoughts rather than a victim of my thoughts. I now have full control over my mind, and how I perceive reality.”

 It would be amazing, if we could all get together and help Amanda and her family with expenses. Having a Spinal Cord Injury, comes along with a load of expenses. Amanda needs help with medical bills, physical therapy, alternative/holistic therapies, and a car with adaptive hand controls, to continue her healing. All therapies are out of pocket for spinal cord injuries. To take the financial burden off Amanda and her family, let’s help. The round up of change will supply Amanda with the money she needs to continue to work hard at physical therapy, gain her independence back, and to most importantly, walk again.

See our interview with Amanda: