Feel-better College Care Package

The leaves are starting change and that has us thinking about building our immune health to keep everyone in our households healthy and happy. But what about our kids who are away at school? We put together a group of wellness super-stars that are sure to bring comfort and help keep them well so they can keep following their dreams.

Organnons Suprema Dophilus

Before the sniffles start, help them build a strong gut with a solid probiotic. We love our brand of probiotics because they have a great selection of strains, and a good bacteria count at a great price- and they are shelf stable!


Ok, so they’re sniffing but they don’t know if its allergies or a cold yet. Send along HybridAR – this was formulated by a pharmacist, this product was made to support a healthy histamine response.

Olba’s Oil Inhaler

Simple, comforting and EASY- Olba’s Oil Inhaler has been around for YEARS, and is a favorite around here for sure. It’s super-minty inhalations clear up a stuffy nose and can take the pressure off of a mild headache. You might want one for yourself, too!

Organnons Head Relief

Essential oils are another easy, comforting item to send along for comfort and wellness. This blend features lavender, basil, rosemary, orange, peppermint & eucalyptus. It smells fresh and clean but has just enough menthol action to take the edge off an achy head. Blend with a carrier oil for sensitive skin and dab on the back of the neck, or they can dab some on the soles of their feet once they are all wrapped up for the night in the dorm room. Super comforting!


Get well and stay well with this powerful blend of herbs from Hybrid Remedies. This has been carefully formulated to help encourage a healthy immune response. It’s a blend of Andrographis, Echinacea, and Panax Ginseng. We LOVE the dose packs because it helps keep you on track when you really need a boost. The big bottle is great, too- its a supply that will last all season long.

Badger Aromatic Chest Rub

Did your grandma ever suggest rubbing a certain well-known mentholated petroleum product on your chest and feet? Well- ours did. Except now we know that petroleum products aren’t so good. Badger’s chest rub has all of the same aroma-therapeutic properties in a nice clean base thats good for humans and better for the environment. Slather is on feet before bed to help with nighttime coughs, and use a little on the chest during the day.

Sovereign Silver Colloidal Silver Spray

Sore throats are the worst! Help fight bacteria on contact with this spray from Sovereign Silver. Colloidal Silver has been traditionally used to fight bacteria and encourage wellness and we reach for it every year.

Superieur Electrolytes

We can tell them to stay hydrated, but busy students are often on the go and simply don’t drink enough water- especially if they aren’t feeling well. Send them some packets of this wonderful stuff- it tastes AMAZING, has zero sugar and ZERO ADDITIVES.

Organnons Ginger Rescue

This stuff is simple. Ginger, honey and water. Ginger warms the throat and mucous membranes, calms upset tummies, soothes nagging coughs and…well…this stuff taste GOOD. It can be taken straight, or added to hot tea or just hot water.

Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Manuka Honey & Propolis Lozenges

Looking for an amazing lozenge? This one is a real crowd-pleaser! It’s yummy and comforting with Manuka Honey and Bee Propolis to soothe scratchy throats and coughs.