We are Celebrating HEMP HISTORY WEEK!!

Hemp History Week is June 3-9! Join us in the 10th celebration of hemp as more than just a healthy whole food source of plant-based protein. Did you know hemp is also a growing U.S. industry with more than 78,00 acres farmed in 2018?  Were you aware that hemp is an environmentally sustainable solution for thousands of non-toxic products ranging from car parts and building materials to paper products, textiles, plastics and even ethanol? Hemp also sequesters carbon from the atmosphere and puts it right back into the soil, healing our distressed farmlands when other regenerative agricultural practices are used.


Do you choose to boost your nutrition with hemp because they are giving your body all 9 essential fatty acids, Omega-3 and 6, plus vitamins and minerals? Have you ever enjoyed some hemp seeds on avocado toast and the rich flavor of hemp seed oil as part of a salad dressing? We like to pamper ourselves with moisturizing hemp body care and relaxing by using CBD products.


As lawmakers, farmers and families embrace how hemp can support a healthy future for people, planet and our economy, the laws surrounding U.S. cultivation are currently being rewritten. Federal policy has opened up the opportunity for hemp farming and there is still work to be done writing the federal and state policies. Help us educate customers nationwide on the benefits of hemp by celebrating Hemp History Week’s Return of the Plant!  June 3-9. Learn more at