10 Ways to Up-Level your Smoothie

Smoothies are easy, right? Some fruit, some liquid, maybe some protein and you have an on-the-go meal. We’re not going to re-make the wheel or anything but we have some boredom-busting, nutrient-boosting ways to take your next smoothie to the next level.

1. Pick a solid base: 

Fresh fruit works, of course, but a good frozen base will add the creamy texture you are looking for. Especially bananas- pre-sliced frozen bananas, even just a few pieces will improve the texture exponentially. Even if you don’t want the banana flavor- one slice makes a difference. Frozen mangoes and frozen avocado pieces will work as well. Ice is a good base, too- and hydrating (of course) but when it starts to melt it can result in a watery smoothie.

2. Go with a clean protein:

Find a protein that has the numbers you need, but look out for hidden ingredients that are just additives. In a plant based protein, look for pea hemp or rice protein which is easy to digest. Whey protein packs a huge punch- but make sure it’s from grass fed, hormone-free cows!

3. Add Fresh Greens:

You know you should. Don’t be afraid- it will change the color, but it will fulfill your nutritional needs exponentially! Try spinach first- it’s mild and smooth. Try kale at first in moderation, then experiment with adding more with bright flavors and even some citrus. Dandelion greens are full of vitamins and may help with detoxing.

4. Change up your liquid:

You’ll need liquid if you want a smoothie you can drink 🙂 Almond Milk is a classic go-to, but there are so many other fun options. You can use regular dairy milk, of course- but try something new! Hemp milk, for example, is easy to digest, full of healthy fats and has a lovely nutty flavor. Try macadamia nut milk with a tropical smoothie. Don’t get bored- just switch it up!

5. Bulk it up: 

Boost your fiber intake and add some wonderful texture to your smoothie with seeds and whole grains. Feel full by adding rolled oats right in to your smoothie- these little beauties add satisfying texture and fiber! Go even further by adding a seed blend with flax and chia or hemp hearts for extra fats and nutrition.

6. Add even MORE bulk: 

Bloated? Looking to start fresh? Try adding some real-deal fiber. Psyllium husk is the classic choice for a bulk fiber that will keep things moving.  Acacia fiber is clear and undetectable in a smoothie and gentle on your gut. It comes from  Food grade diatomaceous earth has a ton of benefits in only a single teaspoon- check it out here.

7. Sneak in supplements:

Here’s your opportunity to make each sip as potent as possible. Shoot for your health goals and choose something that will make you feel amazing. Try mushroom powders, matcha, moringa, and more from our apothecary department.

8. Fatten up your smoothie: 

Make your smoothie even MORE filling by adding a healthy fat source. Avocado ? and it’s creamy goodness is a good choice. Coconut oil is full of medium chain fatty acids and will curb your appetite amongst other benefits. Hemp oil is a potent source of omega fats that your body needs and has a great flavor.

9. If you’re needing a sweetener, make sure it’s got benefits: 

A fruit based smoothie shouldn’t need anything else sweet, but sometimes, green smoothies need something to take the edge off. Try adding dates: blend them first with some of your milk, or soak them overnight in the fridge to prevent clumps!  If you really need more sweetness, consider using some powerful manuka honey to add even more benefits.

10. Nut Butters:

Tons and flavor and texture  can come from adding nut butters- but you don’t have be limited to peanut and almond! Try sunflower seed or pumpkin seed. Look for butters that are sprouted for even MORE nutrients.

Bonus round: Color & Garnish!

Adding pomegranate or beet powder will boost the color and add a punch of nutrition. Raw Cacao nibs can add crunch AND more fiber as well as antioxidants.

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